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Scorch Mountain


Joker and Harley Quinn try.
working on another version now.

What can possible be more funny than seeing this message?
Especially if you manage to make weird but favorite pokemon work, and your opponent only uses an “Outrage” button.
I wish there was an option to change your thoughts and try to search for another trainer when you see his team-preview.
Because i’d totally do that after seeing that his/her team contains something like Garchomp, Talonflame and other stuff like that, because it means that the chance of seeing mentioned message is quite high.

that was a super close match!

Asked by gundamh0e

Yes loved it! :)

Oh, look what i got today. Not a great sculpt by any means but a nice addition to my obscure toy collection.
Got lucky to find Benedict version with opened case - the rare one!

Moose viking for Sketch Dailies.

My entry for closet monsters card series from Strange Kids Club. It’s a Secret Invitation Skull Rider!

Here is a facebook page where you can read the description, like it if you like it, see other awesome entries and etc.:

Very late and warmup-ish @Sketch_Dailies Link fanart.

Benedict lost his eye.

Stygian devil

Charles Dance roles: Benedict & Tywin Lannister

Now Jack can step up on the stick!

The next monster is Cigar Clown Ghost.
Drew it for Brandt Peters’ “clown ghost” design challenge.

#30 is ghost raptor


I wish I could see the Gible in its own picture!

Asked by markysheap

I will try to draw the rest of his evos and post all 3 stages!